Creating Healthy, Beautiful Smiles With Experience You Can Trust Dr. Carolyn Izu & Dr. Rainer Bergmann (Palm Desert, California)

Passionate About Excellent Dentistry


We are passionate dentists who love helping patients improve their oral health and overall quality of life. We teach our patients how to become healthy and stay healthy.

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What We Can Do For You — We’re Here To Help!


Dr. Izu and Dr. Bergmann are caring and experienced dentists. Our patients receive very special care to gain trust and confidence at our office. Find out about the full range of our services!

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Microscopes & Magnification


The ability to see in the greatest possible detail enables the high-quality dentistry that you deserve. Our doctors utilize the appropriate magnification to enhance your results.

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Testimonials — What Are People Saying About Us?


In over 25 years of practicing dentistry, Izu & Bergmann Dental Associates has received positive feedback from a multitude of individual patients, magazines, and the greater dental community.

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